A new Update

We are almost doen with the content of the first regions. There are a lot of mesh object and a lot of them do have also materials on them. There are some underground places with the correct effects as well. Soon we will publisch …………….. images !, but not a lot just a few to make you all hungry for the opening.

Our web team is hard working to finish of the web support sides for YAL, yes they are close to finish that as well. When the create side is launched, be aware to read the instructions and option well, they might be different then you are used. On the other hand there will be more options.

Look forward to “possible” casual games placed in the world, find them, join them and enjoy them! We do have a lot of fun to create them and test them. How that will work? we hope to suprise you !!!

If there are any questions or remarks , please let us know, we see them gladly !! and therefor thanks in advance.


greetings, your YAL team

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