Monthly Archives: February 2015

Current Status YAL V2

We have started all up and running. All functions do work !! We are adding now the content and the Create pages for the website. We also have make the chooise for part of the grid to us the Virwox money system. Voice is also up and runnings as groups. The regions have become bigger and we have the intention to make parts game ready.

We also are setting up a multi location login system. Meening that you can choose where to go. Those thinsg will not be connected in any way with the main grid. We keep it as a suprise how and what it will do.!

Some mesh avatars are already uploaded and tested. Good news ! They work fine inclusive the size ! maybe you cna become a halfling or. nah I will not say more about that.

We hope soon the give you all the option to visit the grid as visitor.

Stay tuned for more.

Best regards, YAL team.

We are starting Up

We are happy to announce the Your Alternative Life is up and running again. True things have to be done and as told before, that will not happen over one night, maybe we do it in 2, Joking. We also are creating the new avatars for our grid and that comes with the new create avatar option.

The build of the contents has started. We will use one big region on this startup. Other will be added later. We have tested our Robust and Grid servers and they work almost as we want them. In compare to the old YAL grid, this one is faster and has more options for games and meeting, but also for see what we build.

We are fixing a few minor things as adding Groups iin our way and when w ehave a second grid running, the teleporting. We possible will add some Money option, but that we do not know exact yet.

Create Accounts is still not evailible but it will be soon active.

Suggestion are welcome

Soon More, The YAL team