Monthly Archives: January 2015

Our YAL V2 Status

We have finished our test version of the YAL main OpenSim. We now will implant it and create the databases. Al lot still need to be done. We are also updating our websites and hope to give it a more modern and updated look. Why not if we are working on an complete YAL update.

The new grid is including content build from scratch and we will try to use the latets options for building and avatars in our new grid. It is for us also a big challange to see how much mesh a opensim can handle. Our experiance is that there is a limit. With mesh we also introduce the materials option on our grid. We are creating a complete new set of mesh avatars with options for clothing for our grid. How they will look ? We keep that as a suprise for later.

IN the beginning we are planning to start slow with visitors who want and account. We are looking how to prevent the large data lost on avatars which only create an account once and then possible never return because creating a new one is more simple, or make a lot of accounts and only use each one time. We also are looking for opetion how to give loyal avatars some extra for there loyalty and return or donate. How and what we do not exact know yet. Suggestions are welcome.

We keep you informed,

Best regards, The YAL team